Interview Questions: CoachUp from Carolyn Moos

Carolyn provides insight on fitness, sport skill development and overall health with CoachUp, which helps athletes find private coaches in every sport, nationwide.

Questions are italicized: Answers from Carolyn are in BOLD below.

I saw in your Google Hangout with Victoria that you mentioned you were 6-feet tall in 6th grade, yet you’ve always had good shooting range throughout your career. It’s very common for basketball players who hit growth spurts at a young age to ignore the outside game, only to suffer when they grow older if they fail to keep on growing. Do you have any tips for tall, young players that may not be interested in diversifying their game?

I definitely suggest assuming you will play most positions. One aspect I really appreciated about playing professionally overseas and even a bit with USA Basketball, is that they really embrace versatility and require athletes to memorize all positions in the offensive sets as they play mismatches, rather than just positions. The bigger picture is to take advantage of the player who is guarding you. If they are bigger/slower, take them off the dribble or beat them with your tempo the entire game (better conditioning). If a player is weaker/smaller, take them down low and take advantage of what strengths you have over them. If they are slow to close out, you definitely need to be able to knock down the 3 and mid range shot every time. Your opponent should never know what to expect and you should be able to score on them anywhere on the court. I developed a 3-point shot as early as possible in middle and high school. The weight room really helps along with strategic cross-training such as yoga, cardio circuits and overall cardiovascular training. The most important thing is recognizing how you can create mismatches in game settings and taking advantage of your defensive opponent by utilizing your strengths.

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